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Championship Match: Dartmouth 24, Arizona 5

2012 College Rugby Sevens Champions, Dartmouth. Photo: Kevin McGuire

Dartmouth did it again! Last year the Ivy League rugby sevens team made a bit of a surprise run to a championship, but this year was a different story. Dartmouth completed an undefeated run through the Collegiate Rugby Championships this weekend, capping their run with a second straight championship celebration after defeating Arizona, 24-5.

With a man down on the field being tended to with an injury, it may have only been a matter of time before Dartmouth could take advantage. At the five-minute mark, Dartmouth’s Kevin Clark worked his way in to the end for a try, and Derek Fish kicked the conversion for a 7-0 lead. The defending champs extended their lead to 14-0 with a Will Mueller try and another Fish conversion. From there Dartmouth was in full control. A late first half try by Will Mueller pushed the lead to 19-0 and left Arizona in need of catching their breath and figuring out what went wrong. Before the half, Brett Thompson put the Wildcats on the board, in hopes things could still be salvaged in the second half, down 19-5.

The second half saw smothering defense, keeping Arizona far from threatening the entire remainder of the game, and Dartmouth adding a bit of insurance with a Will Lehmann try at the 15-minute mark to put a cherry on top of Dartmouth’s Sunday.

Collegiate Rugby Championship Results


Match 3: Dartmouth 31, Delaware 5
Match 11: Dartmouth 31, Maryland 7
Match 18: Dartmouth 28, Florida 0

Championship Quarter: Dartmouth 35, Wisconsin 5
Championship Semi: Dartmouth 21, Cal 19

Championship Match: Dartmouth 24, Arizona 5


Match 5: Arizona 31, Oklahoma 12
Match 13: Arizona 33, Texas 7
Match 21: Arizona 38, N.C. State 0 

Championship Quarter: Arizona 26, Navy 5
Championship Semi: Arizona 19, LIFE 12
Championship Match: Dartmouth 24, Arizona 5

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