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Match 9: LIFE 33, Temple 7

After stunning Penn State with a late rally in the first match of the day, LIFE picked up right where they left off against the Temple Owls. LIFE jumped out to an early lead against the hometown favorites from Temple, taking a 21-0 lead in to the half after dominating the first seven minutes of the match.

Temple got on the scoreboard with a long run for a try by Alex Schmucker, who broke a tackle just past midfield on his otherwise uncontested run for the score. Glen Maricelli of LIFE scored twice in the match to help lead to a victory, moving to 2-0 in the tournament after two matches.

Temple’s next match will be against Penn State (0-1), in Match 15 at 3:20. LIFe will continue against Wisconsin (0-0-1) in Match 16 at 3:43. Both matches will increase game time to 23 minutes, form 21 in the first and second rounds of the round robin.

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