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Match 4: Florida 19, Maryland 7

Maryland dazzled early with a long scoring run down the left sideline by Trevor Tanifum, using speed to his advantage along the way and never looking back. The Terps and Gators would go to the half tied at 7-7. It was not until midway through the second half that Florida broke the tie, but after missing the conversion the Gators held a 12-7 lead. Maryland attempted to work the entire field to score for the next couple of minutes but Florida’s defense held strong and turned the momentum the other way with a long scoring try of their own to pull away and seal a victory in the final minute, 19-7.

Florida will open the afternoon session against Delaware (0-1), who lost to Dartmouth in Match 3 31-5. Kickoff is scheduled for 2:11 p.m. Maryland will wrap up the morning session against Dartmouth (1-0) in Match 11.

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